About Us

Little Tong Noodle Shop is a 28-seat restaurant located in New York’s East Village led by Chef Simone Tong, a native of Chengdu who has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants such as wd-50 and 15 East.

The menu at Little Tong Noodle Shop reflects Chef Simone’s passion for rice noodles, her time in China as a youth, and a recent extensive research trip across Yunnan province. Her food aims to transport guests to a place and time in Yunnan, and Little Tong Noodle Shop aspires to be a destination for those who seek a culinary dining experience that has - as of yet - been underrepresented in New York City.

Each bowl has its own unique flavor profile, inspired by Mixian in different regions in Yunnan. The warming, flavor-packed Mixian dishes are built from combinations of broth, meats, vegetables, herbs and house-made condiments such as chili oil and seasonal pickles. The Grandma Chicken Mixian, for example, was inspired by one of Chef Simone’s favorite dishes in the historic ancient Chinese village of Dali. The vibrantly-hued bowl is layered with chicken thigh confit, a roasted black sesame-garlic sauce, house pickles, a tea-brewed soy egg, Chinese broccoli, and lightly fermented Long Hot Red Chili.

Tea, beer and sake complement the food menu.